Press Ctrl – Design Diary

In this post I will share my experience participating in GMTKJam 2020 and making Press Ctrl, a mind-bending puzzler where your avatar controls another avatar via an in-game keyboard. The keynote for the event happened on Friday, 10 PM Israel time. The theme for this year's event was Out of Control, which made me immediately … Continue reading Press Ctrl – Design Diary

Alone in Space

In the game development class that I'm taking at university I started working on a video game project inspired by a board game named Space Cadets (Geoff, Brian and Sydney Engelstein, 2012). The original Space Cadets is an incredibly ambitious mish-mash of a game that inspired quite a few sequels, like its team-vs-team spin-off Space … Continue reading Alone in Space


For quite some time I wanted to start a blog. I've been thinking about game design for the last 12 years or so, and have been working seriously on my personal projects for a little more than four. I'm currently developing my first project intended to be commercially released, Chimera Box, and I find myself … Continue reading Init